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Our programme in the field of cosmetic dental medicine covers the following treatments:

Cosmetic whitening of teeth with the use of highly active substances for immediate whitening while in the surgery or with the use of laboratory-produced trays so that you can carry the treatment out at home. Only these two types of treatment allow proper medically controlled whitening of selected areas, without any damage to other parts.

Full porcelain work
The use of full porcelain is recommended when cosmetic requirements are paramount—the qualities of the material make it possible to achieve results that can hardly be distinguished in appearance from that of a natural tooth. It can be used in minor cosmetic corrective procedures right through to complete dental reconstruction with:

 - full porcelain crowns
 - full porcelain bridgework
 - porcelain inlays (manufactured in the laboratory)
 - veneers (eggshell-thin layer of porcelain for the front tooth area in order to spare the healthy tooth substance as much as possible for minimally invasive cosmetic corrective procedures: e.g. to fill gaps, change the shape of the teeth)

Red-white aesthetics
Cosmetic soft tissue management, also in conjunction with
prosthetic work

Gingival masks (artificial gum) in the case of extensive periodontal defects that cannot be treated using cosmetic plastic procedures.

Outstanding aesthetic procedures can also be performed in the case of gaps from a single missing tooth in the front tooth area, which is very sensitive cosmetically speaking, while simultaneously preserving the bone in its quality and form and sparing the neighbouring teeth.

When needed we work together with an experienced orthodontist.


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