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Approximately 80 per cent of the population suffers from periodontal diseases.

Periodontitis (disease of the periodontal apparatus) causes loss of teeth in over 35-year olds more frequently than tooth decay does. This is a chronic, bacterial disease, which can lead to the loss of completely healthy teeth. This disorder, which may even occur in children in rare aggressive forms, usually develops without the patient noticing: bleeding gums as a sign of periodontal disease are overlooked by most patients. Patients who have had implant treatment can also be affected (perimplantitis).

If periodontal disease or the results of it are diagnosed during examinations and subsequent to prior treatment, then, depending on the type and severity, there are various forms of treatment available in order to restore the periodontal apparatus: periodontal therapy using minimally invasive ultrasound instruments that are gentle on the tissue, as well as periodontal surgery which is gentle thanks to the use of micro-surgical instruments, supported by targeted treatment with specific medicines after an exact analysis of the cause.

The classic forms of treatment usually result in only repair work to the periodontal apparatus and cannot regenerate lost tissue again. Any damage that has been caused usually remains visible in its full extent. The goal of our forms of modern treatment on the other hand is to cause regeneration of lost tissue structure:

Regenerative periodontal therapy

GTR—guided tissue regeneration: regeneration of the periodontal apparatus with the use of membranes , enamel matrix proteins .
GBR—guided bone regeneration: regeneration of bone structure with the use of the patient’s own bone, bone replacement materials , membranes , platelet-released growth factors (PRGF).

Periodontal plastic surgery

We employ the following possible treatments for the cosmetic reduction of periodontal injuries and restoration of red white aesthetics (harmonious relationship between the tooth and gum):
Grafts of connective tissue or mucous membrane, moving mucous membrane flaps in the case of recession (exposed tooth roots) and for prevention and reduction of changes due to orthodontic reasons.

Surgical crown extension and jaw ridge augmentation after loss of teeth as cosmetic and functional preparation for implant and prosthetic treatments.


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