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We are able to provide our patients with a comprehensive programme for tooth restoration, thanks to:

- regular check-ups for prevention
- professional tooth cleaning
- advanced methods of examination (bacterial and genetic tests, additional analysis of findings)
- medically necessary treatment
- reconstruction of defects to an aesthetically high-standard
- cosmetic restoration of areas that have been treated
- purely cosmetic-aesthetic correction using surgery
- regular restoration treatment (recall/follow-up care)

Only regular, medically necessary follow-up care can guarantee the long-term success of any treatment that has been performed.

Our classic range of treatments consists of:

Endodontics: root canal treatment
Surgery: e.g. tooth extraction, preparation of the area supporting the denture
Fillings: amalgam-free procedures with various plastic filling materials and reliable gold inlays
Prosthetics: permanent tooth replacement with metal ceramic crowns and bridges, removable dentures with special prosthetic attachments, full dentures for patients who no longer have their own teeth

Any dental technician work is performed on an individual basis, to solve the particular problem and according to stringent quality standards in a German master craftsman’s laboratory.

If required all treatment on adult patients and children can be carried out under a general anaesthetic in the presence of an anaesthetist.




Important for your sense of wellbeing:
beautiful, healthy teeth

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Professional tooth cleaning







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