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If it no longer proves possible to restore the patient’s own tooth with the aid of periodontal treatments or if the patient has already lost a tooth, we have the option of procedures using implants (artificial tooth roots). After an average time for integration lasting 3–6 months the implants are normally used with a permanent tooth replacement.

Implant procedures offer the patient numerous advantages:

1. A single lost tooth can be provided with the optimum replacement both in terms of cosmetics and function, without damaging any of the neighbouring teeth during the reduction process.

2. If several teeth have been lost from the posterior tooth area it is possible to avoid the need for removable dentures by using implant procedures.

3. If used early enough implants help restore the form and function of the bone as a result of the contact.

4. When there has already been considerable loss of teeth, implants can significantly increase the level of comfort experienced by the wearer of the prostheses.

5. Use of prostheses can even be reversed in many cases, so that you can make your wish for permanent tooth replacement come true.

6. Thanks to the use of the body’s own growth factors integration of the implants in the jaw bone is improved.

Implantology is by today’s standards of medicine a very safe method: the successrate for the integration of implants lies well over 90 percent.


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